What is the Kaon Interactive Application

The Kaon Interactive Application is deployed on a universal marketing platform that provides engaging demonstrations of complex products or solutions to prospects, customers, sales teams, channel partners, and marketing personnel. The self-driven non-linear user engagement, results in a personalized experience every time, creating a relevant transfer of knowledge to each individual in the buying cycle. The Kaon Interactive Application seamlessly weaves together compelling virtual 3D product demonstrations (that look and behave like the actual products), 3D virtual environments, panoramas, flow diagrams, videos, embedded marketing collateral, and presentations in a branded digital environment.

Browser Support

Kaon Interactive Applications for the web require a modern HTML5 browser. On the desktop, this means Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, or Safari 8. Support for older graphics hardware varies between browsers. So trying a different browser could help, even using the same hardware.

Some mobile devices also support HTML5, including all iOS 8 devices, and higher-end Android devices when using Google Chrome or Firefox.

Kiosk Instructions

The Desktop version of this application can be used on a touchscreen “kiosk.” You will need a Windows or Mac computer, and single- or multi-touch touchscreen that is compatible with that computer and operating system. The screen should be 16:9 aspect ratio, ideally 1080p (on other screen sizes, the app will be automatically scaled and letterboxed as needed). Install the application on the computer and start it normally. If you are using Windows, tap the [ALT] key to show the menu bar. On either Mac or Windows, from the menu bar choose View > Kiosk Mode. You will be prompted to restart.

You need an Internet connection to install this application. Once installed it can be run offline.

To install this application on a computer without an Internet connection, you will first need to make an Offline Installer

If you need to install on an air-gapped computer, such as a kiosk with no Internet connection, you can create an offline installer on a different computer, and then install it from a USB Flash Drive. First, install this application on a PC or Mac that has an Internet connection. When everything has been downloaded from the cloud, you will see a message "Ready for Offline Use". If you are using Windows, tap the [ALT] key to show the menu bar. On either Mac or Windows, from the menu bar choose File > Make Offline Installer. You will be prompted to insert a USB Flash Drive, and then the installer will be written to that device. You will need an Internet connection to create the flash drive. You will be alerted when the flash drive is ready. For large applications, this can take a long time (flash drives are not particularly fast).

Once you have the USB Flash Drive prepared, insert it into the air-gapped computer. You will find installers on the flash drive for both Mac and PC. Perform a normal installation and run the application. When it starts up, it will detect the USB Flash Drive and complete its installation from there instead of from the cloud. After the app is fully installed, you can remove the USB Flash Drive.

Notes on Offline Use

Analytics are cached locally on the computer when run without an Internet connection. We recommend connecting to the Internet, restarting the application, and using it for a few minutes at the end of a trade show, to ensure all analytics data is recorded.

Kaon VR® on the Web

This application supports VR using experimental WebVR technology. The standards for this technology are rapidly evolving, and Kaon will continue to update this application as things change. The recommended configuration is:

  • Windows 10 (latest version)
  • Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Windows Mixed Reality Headset and motion controllers

The application also supports:

Limited experimental support also exists for Android Chrome with Daydream or Cardboard. Kaon is experimenting with Firefox, Vive, and Gear and will update the application to add support for new WebVR hardware and software as it becomes stable.

Offline Desktop Use

The desktop version of this application does not directly support VR hardware. However, you can switch the desktop version to Server Mode, and then connect your supported browser to that server:

  • In the Desktop application, tap the [ALT] key to show the menu bar. From the menu bar choose File > Server Mode. You will be prompted to restart.
  • The application will tell you the specific URL to use inside the WebVR browser (Edge with Windows Mixed Reality headsets, or Chromium Experimental for Oculus).
PHCbi VIP ECO & CellIQ 3D Tour

With the PHCbi Life Science 3D Models App, take a virtual tour of the VIP Eco ultra-low temperature Freezer and CellIQ CO2 incubator from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

PHCbi's VIP ultra-low temperature laboratory freezers represent the complete combination of refrigeration, control, alarm configuration, monitoring, and accessibility for product safety at -86°C. Well-known for its reliability, energy savings, and performance, the VIP Series is ideal for material storage in biorepositories, R&D pharmaceutical and biotech companies, contract research organizations, hospitals, clinics, and medical research facilities.

Within the app, explore VIP Eco's key Features:
- Intelligent Touch Screen Interface for Improved Usability, Security and Data-Logging
- Performance and Reliability: Learn about the VIP Eco's robust refrigeration system, smart compressors and how natural refrigerants minimize environmental impact without jeopardizing freezer performance.
- Unique Features including a field-replaceable outer door gasket, easy-to-handle filter system, and EZlatch door handle

With the CellIQ CO2 incubator, empower your cell culture through the most advanced user interface and technology. Optimize your environment with an intelligent touch screen for uniform temperature control, precise CO2 recovery, and rapid decontamination. The advanced technology also delivers improved usability, rapid cleaning and effortless maintenance while keeping its tradition of outstanding environmental stability and precision performance.

Explore CellIQ's Features:
- Intelligent Touch Screen Interface for Improved Usability, Security and Data-Logging
- High speed vaporized hydrogen peroxide to safely clean the chamber in less than three hours while providing a kill rate with at least a six log reduction of major contaminants.
- Precise and Repeatable Environment: The patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket system works with the IR2 sensor to provide precise temperature and CO2 levels, respectively. InCu-saFe® and SafeCell™ UV function together to prevent contamination.

PHCbi, CO2, ULT, Incubator, CellIQ, VIP Eco, PHCbi 3D, ULT Freezer, Panasonic Healthcare

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