What is the Kaon Interactive Application

The Kaon Interactive Application is deployed on a universal marketing platform that provides engaging demonstrations of complex products or solutions to prospects, customers, sales teams, channel partners, and marketing personnel. The self-driven non-linear user engagement, results in a personalized experience every time, creating a relevant transfer of knowledge to each individual in the buying cycle. The Kaon Interactive Application seamlessly weaves together compelling virtual 3D product demonstrations (that look and behave like the actual products), 3D virtual environments, panoramas, flow diagrams, videos, embedded marketing collateral, and presentations in a branded digital environment.

Browser Support

Kaon Interactive Applications for the web require a modern HTML5 browser. On the desktop, this means Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, or Safari 8. Support for older graphics hardware varies between browsers. So trying a different browser could help, even using the same hardware.

Some mobile devices also support HTML5, including all iOS 8 devices, and higher-end Android devices when using Google Chrome or Firefox.

GE Measurement & Control

This application provides an overview of the O&G landscape and GE M&C's value proposition to the industry by aligning our products and services with our customers key business processes. The application highlights areas of challenges and relevant value-add solutions , providing 3-D displays of the products and areas while articulating hard and soft benefits.


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